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Son of the gods Season 2

Son of the gods Season 2
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This film is an epic story of very interesting significance that goes on to show us that the best things in life come to us after we have lost the good things. This great ancient tale is one of enormous pain, shame and glory, for providence always supersedes the treacherous intentions of man.
When the only son of Okpoja, the great wrestler of Umuokpu is to be sacrificed to the gods, the tragedy seems to have no upside but the end shows that darkness can never overcome light on a permanent basis.

Nigerian Nollywood Movie Starring 
Starring; Gentle Jack, Queen Nwokoye, Browny Igboegwu, Zulu Adigwe, Mike Odiachi, Chigozie Nwoye.
Directed by; Emeka Nnakaihe
Produced by; Chibueze Ucheama Company Name; Chez Int’l Ltd

Tags: epic, action

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